Poster Design by Charlotte Moroz

Poster Design by Charlotte Moroz

LARP Me gently

LARP Me Gently follows the misadventures of Marline, a forlorn lover and a dedicated LARPer (Live Action Role Play-er), who stumbles upon a book of ancient runes owned by a small but mighty gnome. She quickly finds herself and her LARPing crew on a quest in the tunnels beneath her Brooklyn apartment, coming face to face with an entire world of unseen creatures who sustain her life in ways she has never before imagined. 


Leigh Walter - Director

Charlotte Moroz - Playwright, Composer, Puppet Design, Marline

Dan Kelly - Production Manager, Dramaturge

Lindsay Bleile - Stage Manager

Jacob Slichter - Lyrical Consultant

Brit Gossett - Social Media Coordinator

Jamie Agnello - Additional Puppet Design, Puppeteer, Reader

Robert Stevenson - Additional Puppet Design, Puppeteer, Reader

Collin Blackard - Puppeteer, Reader

Jason Vance - Musician, Reader, Co-Composer

Natalie Mack - Musician, Reader

Mike Nelson - Reader

Staci Merritt - Reader


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