photo by Dan Kelly

photo by Dan Kelly

regret + time travel

When Science Boss goes missing just prior to a presentation before NASA, his Lab for Musical Time Travel is left unprepared and nervous but must go an and give the presentation in his stead.  When the lab's intern makes a startling discovery, they are forced to confront both their pasts and the future.  

Regret + Time Travel was initially conceived through interviews with random New Yorkers.  The music that came from those interviews was presented as a work in progress concert at Dixon Place in March 2017.  A new version of the show was presented as a part of Puppet BloK at Dixon Place in October 2017


Charlotte Moroz*, Chelsea Fryer, Anthony Napoletano, Jason Vance

production team

Leigh Walter* - Director

Taryn Uhe - Stage Manager

Dan Kelly - Production Manager

Bruno-Pierre Houle - Set Design

Kate Ducey - Lighting Design

Anthony Napoletano - Lead Puppet Design

Charlotte Moroz*, Taryn Uhe, Chelsea Fryer - Puppet Constructin

Charlotte Moroz* - Musical Direction

Jason Vance* - Co-Composor

Anthony Napoletano - Additional Orchestrations

*denotes collaborators from the original concert production, the concert production was stage managed by Devin McCallion Fletcher