photo by Dan Kelly

photo by Dan Kelly

regret + time travel

A musical puppetry spectacle: one part TED talk, one part folk musical, one part sci-fi dramedy.  A team of musician-scientists have discovered that by using music they are able to time travel into the past. After their leader, Science Boss, inexplicably vanishes while on a time travel excursion, our team and their faithful banjo-playing A.I.-bot are left alone to deliver an extremely important presentation to NASA.  Over the course of their presentation our team makes the startling discovery that the past is melting away and that they must use their burgeoning knowledge of musical time travel to take their audience into the unknowable future.

Regret + Time Travel was initially conceived through interviews with random New Yorkers.  The music that came from those interviews was presented as a work in progress concert at Dixon Place in March 2017.  A revamped version of the show was presented in October of 2017 as a part of Puppet BloK at Dixon Place


Charlotte Moroz*, Chelsea Fryer, Anthony Napoletano, Jason Vance

production team

Leigh Walter* - Director

Taryn Uhe - Stage Manager

Dan Kelly - Production Manager

Bruno-Pierre Houle - Set Design

Kate Ducey - Lighting Design

Anthony Napoletano - Lead Puppet Design

Charlotte Moroz*, Taryn Uhe, Chelsea Fryer - Puppet Construction

Charlotte Moroz* - Musical Direction

Jason Vance* - Co-Composor

Anthony Napoletano - Additional Orchestrations

*denotes collaborators from the original concert production, the concert production was stage managed by Devin McCallion Fletcher

rehearsal recordings

production video

production photos

  Production Photos by Bruno-Pierre Houle